This is what heaven looks like

National dog day ( my pup is the cutest pup ) 🐶

National dog day ( my pup is the cutest pup ) 🐶

my entire nation was destroyed in  civ 5 so   i’m making myself consolation pizza


Mika - Lollipop
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lollipop // mika

mama told me what i should know
too much candy gonna rot your soul
if she loves you, let her go
'cause love only gets you down

today i dropped a triple on rifle and the screw in the bolt broke in half inside the rifle   so it can’t be taken out  and we have to buy a new one

my instructor said that in her 20 years of spinning/teaching she’s never seen a screw break inside the rifle


sometimes i get really annoyed and i’ll be able to be like. this is irrational. there’s no reason for you to be annoyed right now it doesn’t even make sense; you do the thing that youre annoyed at. but i’ll still be annoyed    it can’t be rationalized

love it

Walking through a spider lair On Skyrim and saying out loud ” I don’t like this I don’t like this let the record show that I do not like this “

I don’t like the sound of this

I don’t like the sound of this

Fighting a dragon and a bunch of hostile npcs are attacking my companion like?? Do you not see this fucker breathing fire over here or

civ 5 is on sale so i went for it

i don’t even think ill play it much but 75 percent off